Happy New Year and new decade from all of us at Savvy Sonoma Valley

Happy New Year and new decade from all of us at Savvy Sonoma Valley. We look forward to an exciting year of events here in our beloved Sonoma Valley…the Valley of the Moon and what I call the “Valley of Culture” As I said in my previous blog…. Our Valley has an over the top cultural and entertainment scene. It's that simple and that marvelous.

It is my hope that you, our readers, will take advantage of Savvy Sonoma Valley to find things to do that will get you off the couch and away from the big flat screen we all love so much. I realize that it is difficult to tear ourselves away from the convenience of staying home for our entertainment, but when we do so we are shorting ourselves of a basic human need…connection.

Sure we get connection when we are with family or at work, or at school, or as part of an organization etc, but is that enough? Some would say that we get connection from social media…seriously? I’m talking about real connection with live human beings in person sharing a shared interest and having FUN together. That’s connection! That’s where the sense of community is strong and maybe even new friendships begin. This is what you get when you attend live music, live theater, special events, speakers events, workshops, fund-raisers, sporting events, outdoor adventures. Sure, you go because you want to be entertained, but I think it’s more than that. It’s more than just listening, participating, or viewing…it’s the sense of being with a community of people who enjoy what you enjoy. It’s the connection. It’s a basic human need.

Think about the last time you went to a live play…Sonoma Arts Live maybe? You are sitting in the theater with maybe 100 other people witnessing a production that only the people watching this production will ever see (because no two live theater performances are ever alike).. You have a specific community of 100 people you have a connection with. At intermission you may talk about what you have seen with someone in the lobby or in the seat next to you. You have a unique common experience. You may have differing interpretations of the experience but it is still a unique common experience. You are connected to the people seeing what you are seeing…what you do about that connection is a whole other topic, but you at least have the opportunity to foster further connection with anyone in attendance on the basis of the shared experience. The big flat screen doesn’t give you that!

My wife and I recently went to see the Illegitimate AC/DC Band perform at Reel and Brand. I’ll admit that it was a bit of a struggle to step out of our comfort zone to do so. We could have easily blown it off and stayed home. We were unsure how the crowd would be…we are older than most. We were unsure of the music…we brought ear plugs. We had the best time! The crowd was into it and not out of hand. The music was great…we did not use the ear plugs The venue was perfect. We had a blast and met friends there whom we had no idea were AC/DC fans…so we have a new connection with them. A winner of an evening for sure.

A final example: Think about being where there is live music and being able to dance. If dancing doesn’t bring connection I don’t know what does, and not just with the person with who you are dancing. Think about the last time you went dancing. Tuesday Farmers market? Starling Bar? Reel and Brand? Hopmonk?

My point here is simple…get out of the house and have some fun, and when you do you will make new friends and gain a greater connection with old ones. We need to be connected in a personal face to face way now more than ever. Check out the pages of Savvy Sonoma Valley. Decide which live music, live theater, special events, speakers events, workshops, fund-raisers, sporting events, and outdoor adventures you are going to get out and do this month and get off the couch and out of the house.

I publish Savvy Sonoma Valley because I want everyone to know what's happening in the Sonoma Valley so that you are encouraged to take advantage of what is available, have fun, and support those artists, musicians, actors, producers, venue owners, volunteers and organizations who make all this possible .

Happy 2020. Have more fun. Make New Friends. We’re here to help.

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