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Getting Savvy about all there is to do in The Valley of the Moon

When I first moved to Sonoma full time in 2005 I was excited about all the music and even dancing there was around the Plaza and at Little Switzerland. How could I be so lucky as to come from a town with little more than a movie theater to an area with great entertainment all over the place. Little did I know how right I was and that I was soon to discover that I had only scratched the surface.

Our Valley has an over the top cultural and entertainment scene. It's that simple and that marvelous. Name another community of this size that has all this:

A world class art museum like the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

A cultural center as vibrant as the Sonoma Community Center

An award winning live theater company like Sonoma Arts Live

An award winning live musical experience like Transcendence's Broadway Under the Stars

A venue like the winery ruins at Jack London State Park

A volunteer run park like Jack London State Park

A nightly vibrant music scene like at Murphy's, Reel & Brand, The Starling Bar, Hopmonk Tavern and more

Entertainment venues like the Sonoma Valley Women's Club, The Moose Lodge, the Sonoma Springs Community Hall, and The Veterans Memorial Building

A classic historic movie theater and performance venue like the Sebastiani Theater

It's own radio station like KSVY delivering local information and entertainment and community support

It's own TV Station like Sonoma TV Comcast 27

Not one but 2 neswpapers

A magazinie like Valley of the Moon

It's own Cultural and Fine Arts Commission...they appoint the annual Treasure Artist.

A historic State Park right downtown

A Sugarloaf mountain with it's own Observatory

A professional baseball team like The Stompers

A California Mission with Christmas concerts

A historic central plaza with an amphitheater and music under a palm tree

A weekly summer night market with farmers, music, food, and revelry

A summer Shakespeare experience like Shakespeare Under the Stars at Buena Vista winery

An annual Halloween theater production like the Sebastiani Theater's "Witchie Poo"

A memorial day rememberance like no other at Sonoma Veterans Memorial Park

A Fourth of July Parade and fireworks show like Sonoma's

A world renowned fall Plein Aire art festival

A fall music festival like BR Cohn's Sonoma Harvest Music Festival

A summer music festival like Gundlach Bundshu's Huichica Sonoma Music Festival

A world class film festival like the Sonoma International Film Festival

A literary event like The Sonoma Authors Festival

A stimulating speakers series like the Sonoma Speakers Series

A town band...and another town band.

A village faire like Glen Ellen's

A Summer long Friday night music event like at the Sebastiani Winery

Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day Celebrations on the Plaza

A Raceway (Sonoma) that brings wine, food and Vintage race cars to the Plaza

A book store like Readers

A Historical Society

An active seniors' center like Vintage House

A Jazz Society

A Classical Music Society

A Chamber Music Festival like the Valley of the Moon Music Festival

Not one but two classical singing Ensemble and a Chorale

A Gospel Choir and a Vox Populi

A series of small shows known as Kitchen Concerts at the Sonoma Community Center

Hula and Ukulele shows

A Conservatory of Dance

A peace institute like Praxis

A train museum like at Depot Park and train you can actually ride like the one at Train Town

And ah yes...the fundraisers: Noche, Red and White, Sweetheart, Soiree, Muse, Cowboy Cab, and more

It's an amazing list...isn't it? And I am sure I left out something or things. And I am just as sure that this list will expand over time. The bottom line is that we are blessed to be in the Valley of the Moon for so many reasons and this incredible cultural enviornment is near the top of the list. I publish Savvy Sonoma Valley because I want everyone ot know what's happening here so that you are encouraged to take advantage of what is available, have fun, and support those artists, musicians, actors, producers, venue owners, volunteers and organizations who make all this possible . So take a look at the latest issue of Savvy Sonoma Valley and decide what you are going to get out and do this month. You will be glad you did.

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