About Us

Savvy Sonoma Valley is a monthly digital magazine devoted to being the one place where you can find all that is happening in The Sonoma Valley all in one place.  The one place where you can subscribe to find all that is happening in the Sonoma Valley all month.


Savvy Sonoma Valley began as an answer to the question: “how do I find out about what’s happening in Sonoma? “  It’s a simple question that begs many more questions:  What’s happening in Live Theater this month?  Where’s the live music happening and who’s playing?  Are there any Sonoma Valley special events that I should be aware of and maybe attend?  I have to go to so many sites to find out about what’s happening in Sonoma, Glen Ellen, and Kenwood, can’t I just go to one place to find it all?

So we spend many hours each month contacting Sonoma Valley music venues, parks, art organizations, civic organizations, and others to discover what’s happening in Sonoma and the valley.  We are on email lists for many of these entertainment and education providers. We go to their web sites and send them requests for what’s happening by email.  We scour Facebook to make sure we aren’t missing any Sonoma Valley events.

Once we’ve got the information we break it down by category:

  • Art

  • Live Theater

  • Film (Just the special presentations)

  • Speakers

  • Workshops

  • Outdoor activities

  • Garden and Ecology

  • Live music by week

  • Special Events and Fundraisers

  • High Schools Sports


We aim to cover it all, and if a new Sonoma Valley event pops up during the month or some new live music or theater comes to light we will revise the current issue of Savvy Sonoma Valley and repost it to our website www.SavvySonomaValley.com  which can also be accessed through www.Sonomafun.com.


Are we going to miss some live music events in Sonoma or a book reading or workshop? Sure, but you can help.  If you know of any live music, live theater, film, speaker, workshop, outdoor activity, special event, fundraiser or any other event in Sonoma that we aren’t covering please let us know.  If you are an organization or business in Sonoma or anywhere in the Sonoma Valley that is putting on an event please let us know.  Help us be:


Savvy Sonoma Valley…the one place where you can find it all in one place. The only subscription you need to know all that’s happening in the Sonoma Valley.  With your FREE subscription you are always Savvy about all that’s happening in the Sonoma Valley.  Be in the know subscribe today!

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